Topic 6 Module 7: Take Action – Make a Change!

In Module 7, you will find information on the following aspects:

  • Reflection on Gender Equality

  • Embracing Gender Equality

  • Impact of Gender Equality

This Module aims to:

  • Provide motivational ideas for employees and their managers to help to tackle discrimination in the workplace

  • Promote gender equality and human diversity through everyday actions

  • Raise awareness of the legal context and the employees’ rights in the workplace

  • Learn about organisations that support gender equality through their continuous actions and achievements

Action towards gender equality

Action is important in the fight towards gender equality and reaching equity. As individuals or within organisations, we can all take actions to empower individuals, support gender equality or ensure fair treatment through equal pay, etc.


    International Equal Pay Day 2020


Due to

  • Unequal power relations between women and men.

  • Poverty and inequalities and disadvantages in accessing  resources and opportunities that limit women’s and girls’ capabilities.

  • Globally, the gap in earnings between men and women at about 20%.

Read more about this, and other actions, in Module 7!


SMART goal planning

The most important part of taking action and bringing upon significant changes is setting goals:

Goals can determines the success or failure of the upcoming actions.

  • What does S.M.A.R.T. planning mean?

– It is about a method, which allows the formulation of objectives in a clear way.

– It aims for faster and direct results.

The acronym “SMART” describes the most important features of the goal and stands for:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Time-based


Goal: To empower society to fight gender inequality.

Use a mindmap for the actions and exercises and identify the progress of each step. Note down the results and evaluate them to measure progress.

The goal will be accomplished via access to creative feedback, realistic stories, motivational tips and good examples.
All of the tools mentioned above are achievable with the skills and resources at my organisation.

For all these gender equality reasons.

Three months from now (date to be included).

Action planning- A guide for employees

  • Step 1. Recognise that it is happening

  • Step 2. Express yourself

  • Step 3. Review your company protocol

  • Step 4. Let your employer know

  • Step 5. Keep a diary

  • Step 6. Get Legal Help

  • Step 7. Do not judge yourself

Setting out a clear policy: develop a clear policy for advancement and promotion.

Organising trainings: effective training on gender equality to all management personnel and supervisors.

Acting properly: take all complaints seriously and properly investigate actions.

Communicating properly: carry out a discussion with the person making the complaint

Setting high goals: formulation of a gender-neutral environment.

Measuring the impact of gender equality actions

These are elaborated in Module 7 of the FENCE curriculum.

  1. Set up a holistic plan to measure impact of gender equality actions

  2. Ensure that the participants derive from all the chains of command

  3. Definition of objectives, targets and measures when building the plan for gender equality

  4. Monitoring and evaluation instruments

  5. Baseline assessment

  6. Monitoring implementation

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