Topic 5 Communication

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The most important parts of communication are listening and absorbing new information.  To be able to listen to others effectively, it is best to create an environment in which people have the chance to communicate their thoughts. You can use the following techniques to do so 

  • Promote a culture of friendliness with transparency and an open-door policy

  • Encourage questions

  • Read body language

Is the language you use leaning towards one gender? Look at the language used in your organisation every day.

Gender-inclusive language can be applied to any type of communication, whether it is oral or written, formal or informal, or addressed to an internal or external audience.

Try to use non-discriminatory language; make gender visible when it is relevant for communication and do not make it visible when not relevant.

The following video talks about the importance of inclusive language ...whatever your language

What examples can you think of?

Watch the following video and discuss or note down the differences between the negative and positive scenarios

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