Topic 4 Building alliances

An alliance is a group of individuals brought together to accomplish a specific goal or purpose which will benefit all members of the group in some way. Focus on how you’ll work together to encourage collaborative behaviour.  Consider how collaborative behaviour affects gender equality and vice versa.


  • Increases resources

  • Results in more creative solutions

  • Allows more risk taking

  • Spreads out the workload

  • Raises community awareness

Tips for building alliances:

  • Effective communication forms the foundation for a positive work alliance

  • Treat your allies as equals

  • Spend time with your allies

  • Choose your battles wisely

  • Keep your promises

  • Resolve any conflicts or disputes at your earliest opportunity

  • Be an ally

  • Finally, never back-stab or blind-side an ally

Reflect back: Have you ever been involved in an alliance? What was your experience?

Source: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels