Topic 3 Strategies for Preventing Sexual Harassment

 CASE STUDY: What do you think about this work situation?

Ana was transferred to a new location in her company. Her new supervisor is friendly and helps her get familiar with the office. After a few days, when no one else is around, he comes over to her work area to chat about his sexual preferences. He continues talking and says he is glad she joined the staff because, unlike the others, she is “easy on the eyes.”

Do you think the supervisor harassed Ana? 

What would you do in this situation?

  • You express your discomfort to your supervisor, but you do not do anything else because he only passed the limits of being friendly. This is not harassment

  • You feel very offended because you and the other women in the workplace are being evaluated on your looks and not by your competencies

  • You file a complaint about this behaviour, although anonymously because you do not know how this can affect your new job location

Image by Diana Cibotari from Pixabay