Topic 3 Good Practice 1: Public administration bodies

“Thoughtful attention to gender issues in public administration can improve the quality and responsiveness of public services to the population as a whole […]”

Gender Tool Kit:  Public Sector Management 2012 Asian Development Bank

Below are examples of legislations and actions designed to tackle gender inequality and inequity in countries across the EU:

Actions in gender equality policy

Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE), Portugal

  • Aim to promote equality between men and women in employment and to inspect its implementation

Actions in gender training

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

  • 4-5 hours mandatory e-learning  course for all MFA staff working with development cooperation

Many companies adopt remote working for women for maternity reasons after the childbirth

Occupational equality

France Diplomacy- Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

  • It aims to tend towards occupational equality (flexible working conditions),

  • Parity in recruitment panels, replacement during maternity leave, training and outreach on professional equality, development of home working at the central administration


Enforcing the legislation on gender equality

Government of Iceland

The obligatory equal pay certification (Jafnlaunavottun) is to enforce the current legislation prohibiting discriminatory practices based on gender and requiring that women and men working for the same employer shall be paid equal wages and enjoy equal terms of employment for the same jobs or jobs of equal value

Government’s grants for those companies which follow a policy of equal treatment of employees.