Topic 3 Action planning- A guide for employers

Set out a clear policy: set clear policies for advancement and promotion – and then follow them. Employees, managers and supervisors also need to follow the policies described in the employee manual.

Organise training: proper training on gender equality to all management personnel and supervisors. Training often involves actions that are triggers for different people.
Hold team-building events that help the employees understand each other better.

Act properly: take all complaints seriously and take proper investigative actions. Your actions must show that you expect everyone to be treated fairly and by the same standards regarding discrimination.

Communicate properly: discuss with the person making the complaint about being subjected to discrimination and with the person accused, as well. Language must be fair and non-accusatory.

Set high goals: formulation of a gender-neutral environment – where everyone is treated equally.

For a step by step methodological framework, see Module 5!