Topic 2 The dangers of inequality and a poor organisational culture

“Employees expect fairness… Things have to be fair and feel fair”. Removing hidden biases and barriers that detract from fairness is essential and if this is not done, it can lead to negative feelings of anger, loss of motivation and powerlessness.  There are three basic responses to this perceived imbalance of power: get out, get safe, get even.

  • ‘Get out’ is self-evident and is behind why some women leave large organisations to set up their own businesses

  • ‘Get safe’ is where the individual becomes cynical, keeps their head down and looks out only for themselves. They put in the minimum effort required. They spend time with those they think have power over their future and will network to find opportunities for themselves

  • ‘Get even’ is the most extreme response, when the frustration leads to sabotage

Source: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels