Topic 2 Equality strategy- Brief methodological guide

Step 1: Start with the constitution of a team composed of employees (minimum of a man and a woman with relevant specialisation, studies, personal interest) in order to study the organisational policies implemented by the Human Resources Department of the organisation.

Step 2:

  • Create a short report concerning the organisation’s policy
  • Write down and assess the relevant numerical data (employee numbers/ gender, salaries/gender, decision-making positions/ gender etc.)
  • Write down and assess the relevant numerical data and the factors examined before the final selection for the candidate’s hiring

Step 3: Involve an external researcher/ evaluator. 

Additional step

  Recruitment of an experienced researcher to the organisation with studies and experience in the fight against gender discrimination and/or invitation to a relevant NGO.

Step 4: With help from the external researcher, design and implement qualitative research using the focus group method in order to capture views referring to gender equality. Trace gender-related educational needs.

Step 5: Configure realistic goals and actions (educational but not only) regarding the elimination of gender discrimination.

Step 7: Evaluation of actions after four years. Repetition of the process.

Step 6:Implement the planned actions