Topic 2 Action planning- A guide for employees

Recognise that it’s happening:

No one can overcome a problem if they don’t actually admit that it exists. Unfortunately, many people would rather remain silent or pretend it’s not taking place, due to fear.

While gender discrimination is usually not directed at cisgender men, they can also be subjected to gender discrimination.

Express yourself: start talking about it. First, think carefully and find the courage to approach the person that affects you. Explain clearly how you feel and what the problem is.

Review your company protocol: action must be done according to the employee manual. Follow the procedures of the company in order to describe the situation to the correct department (advise a team manager or a human resources manager). The protocol needs to outline how discrimination complaints are handled, from investigation through action.

Creation of an employee handbook: every business should have such an employee handbook, that employees need to follow if they wish to lodge a complaint.

Let your employer know: inform your supervisor about your problem, explain that you tried to handle the situation on your own, but the discrimination has continued. Kindly ask them to investigate the case. It is important that managers and leaders of a company handle complaints of discrimination consistently

Keep a diary: record the dates and times of all discrimination incidents. Make a note of when you reported it to your supervisor and keep items and pictures of everything as evidence, in case it’s needed.

Get Legal Help: If your employer doesn’t handle your complaint fairly and the situation doesn’t improve, get to know the law. Contact your government’s relevant institution to file a complaint and get some advice. There are laws that prohibit discrimination and harassment against individuals on the basis of gender, race, nationality, sex, religion, disability, pregnancy, and age, among other classifications.

Don’t judge yourself: don’t let discrimination determine your sense of self-worth and define who you are. Keep trying and you might prevent the discrimination from happening to other people, which is really important.