Topic 1 SMART goal planning – A basic framework

The most important part of taking action and bringing significant changes is setting goals:

  • It determines the success or failure of the upcoming action.

What does S.M.A.R.T. planning mean?

It is about a method, which allows the formulation of objectives in a clear way. SMART aims for faster and direct results. The acronym “SMART” describes the most important features of an objective and stands for the words:






S (Specific) What is the goal?
Goal: To empower society to change gender inequality.

M (Measurable) How will I measure my progress?
Mind map exercises and their results will evaluate and measure understanding.

A (Attainable) Do I have the skills and the resources for it?
The goal will be accomplished via access to creative feedback, realistic stories, motivational tips and good examples.
Those mentioned above persuade human beings about the importance of equality.

R (Relevant) Why is this goal important?
For all gender equality reasons

T (Time-bound) When will I achieve the goal I’ve set?
By… (date & time)
By three months from now (deadline)