Topic 1 Six (6) coherent proposals towards a ‘fair’ Human Resources recruitment strategy

  1. Assessment of the existing gender discrimination in your organisation
  • Investigation into the current gender ratio
  • Identification of areas that require improvement
  • Setting realistic goals at each level based on previous research
  • Incorporation of these goals into your company strategy
  1. Customization of your corporate brand identity
  • Visibility of your organisation’s diversity in all the communication channels
  • Promotion of women in leadership roles

Tip: Storytelling 🡪 share authentic stories and photos through your organisation

  1. Configuration of job ads without the exclusion of any social group
  • Creation of “smart” job descriptions in the context of ads in order to avoid even indirect references to gender stereotypes
  • Avoidance of the desired features description in words, which even indirectly refer to men and may discourage women

Example: Dominant, tough

  1. Salary scale in the job description
  • Development of a trust relationship with women candidates
  • Fair treatment of candidates regardless gender 🡪 eliminating the gender pay gap
  1. Search different people in new “markets”
  • Recruitment of candidates from cities/ countries with a high index of gender harmony (using data and statistics) 🡪 Expertise, gradual change of mentality and perceptions of the organisation

Method: Remote working, possible relocation of the selected candidate

  1. Constant updating of approach and response rates by gender
  • Constant tracking of response rates taking into account the candidates’ profiles, to make sure your messages resonate with the different audiences you want to connect with
  • Significant adjustments to your strategy according to these results

Reflective Question

Come up with your own initiative or plan for your organisation/ workplace regarding gender equality!