Topic 1 Gender Equality and the EU

One of the European Union’s qualities is gender equality, and its advancement is coded into the EU’s legislative framework.

The European Network of Equality Bodies –46 organisations from 34 European countries, including all EU members with the focus to  end gender inequality.

  • European Institute for Gender Equality is a European Agency that prioritises that women and men across Europe have equal opportunities, through quality evidence and better policy making. Outcomes: The Gender Equality Index, The Gender Statistics Database, The Gender Mainstreaming Platform, The Gender Equality Glossary and Thesaurus, EIGE’s Resource and Documentation Centre.

  • High-level group on gender mainstreaming, chaired by the European Commission, is an informal group comprising representatives responsible for gender mainstreaming in national level.

  • Advisory committee on equal opportunities for women and men prepare activities to promote equal opportunities for women and men through a platform.

  • Mutual Leaning Programme in gender equality promote good practices on gender equality in Europe.

  • The European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination inform the EU about the two fields.

The commitments of governments to finance the realisation of women’s rights and the advancement of gender equality are set out in a  number of international treaties, agreements and policies, most notably the Beijing Platform for Action and the Convention on the  Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

Gender Equality – How can we achieve it?

Suggestions from EIGE

EIGE proposes recommendations for the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF),  the annual budgetary cycle, the European Semester and the EU Funds:

  • Setting gender equality as a horizontal priority for the entire MFF.

  • Embedding gender equality as a distinct policy objective and institutionalising gender mainstreaming methods in all funds.

  • Setting budgetary targets for gender equality.

  • Introduction of a system to track funding for gender equality in all funding programmes.

  • Transforming roles and responsibilities in care work and promoting work-life balance in the EU.

Gender Violence


The Spotlight Initiative, an EU/UN partnership, is a global, multi-year  initiative focused on eliminating all forms of violence against women  and girls (VAWG).

Visit the Spotlight Initiative website to find out the six mutually-  reinforcing programming pillars that their interventions are focused on

Watch the video and learn what  the Spotlight Initiative is and  what it promotes