Topic 1 Examples of initiatives

1. Genderaction

Organisation which was created based on the funding programme “Horizon 2020” of the European Union.


  • Promotion of progress by member countries for the implementation of gender equality
  • Production of newsletters to promote gender equality
  • Creation of new opportunities to promote gender equity in science, technology and innovation
  • Provision of equivalent learning opportunities


2. Gender Equality Commission (EIF) of Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University (AUTH)

Advisory body for the promotion of equality in all parts of academic life.


  • Recommendations to the relevant bodies of measures that promote equality and the fight against sexism
  • Development of action plans to ensure substantial equality in educational, research and administrative processes
  • Guidance of seminars and lectures focusing on gender studies
  • Provision of assistance to victims of discrimination

Gender Equality Commission is an institution implemented by many educational / research institutions. The EIF of AUTH presents intense activity and social action.