Module 3 – Unit 1 – Activities

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  1. Reflect on your current and/or previous workplace(s), how many women or underrepresented individuals can you think of who have risen to positions of power (Area managers, governors, CEOs, CFOs)? Consider the industry in which this is taking place, is there a dominance of one gender over others? 

  2. Reflect on the structure of your current and/or previous workplace(s), does the organisation show a gender disparity between higher and lower paid roles? Can you think of some of the causes of this disparity, or how it could be tackled? 

  3. Reflect individually on a piece of paper or discuss in pairs, can you think of 5 careers that are often considered typically ‘male’ industries and 5 that are typically ‘female’? What are the major differences between them and how are these binaries encouraged by society?