Module 2 – Unit 1 – Activities

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  1. Reflect individually on a piece of paper or discuss in pairs, do you believe that governments, the international community and civil society, including non-governmental organisations and private sectors in your country of residence have taken strategic action concerning the critical areas mentioned? Do you believe that some areas have been neglected while others have been given more attention? Please state specific areas and why you believe this is happening.    

  2. Reflect individually, have you or someone you know experienced gender discrimination?         

  3. There are some critical areas that the UN recommends taking strategic actions against. Put them in the order you feel is most necessary in your country of residence, in groups, pairs or individually. 

1.Women in poverty; 2.Access to education and training; 3.Access to health care and related services; 4.Violence against women; 5.The influence on women, especially those living under foreign occupation, of military or other kinds of conflict; 6.Inequality in economic and policy systems, in all types of productive practices and in access to capital; 7.Sharing of authority and decision-making between women and men at all levels; 8.Insufficient frameworks at all levels to foster women’s development; 9.Lack of respect for and insufficient promotion and safeguarding of women’s human rights; 10.Women’s stereotypes and disparity in the access and involvement of women in AI communication processes, especially in the media; 11. Gender disparities in natural resource utilisation and environmental protection; 12. Persistent bias against and violations of the rights of girls