Unit 1 Overview of the FENCE Curriculum

What is included in the FENCE Modules? The FENCE Curriculum includes a variety of different concepts and ways of learning about gender equality and the surrounding topics.

For example, this curriculum includes:

  • Facts, indicators, figures concerning gender bias

  • Understanding of the origin and functioning of gender discrimination and stereotypes

  • Legal context on gender equality promotion

  • Identification of gender discrimination cases

  • Self-reflection and self-awareness

  • Activities to test knowledge and understanding

  • Knowledge, attitudes & perspectives for gender equality promotion

  • Building of personal and social resistance towards forms of gender stereotypes

  • Case studies

The FENCE Curriculum is aimed at those who are striving to improve their gender competence and for those interested in the promotion of gender equality.

The project has a special focus on the following target groups:

  • Public bodies

  • NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations)

  • CSOs (Centers for Social Organisation)

  • Immigration organisations

  • Third sector organisations

  • Local authorities

  • Social services

The aim of Module 1, the ‘Overview Module’, is to:

  • Provide an overview on what you will find in each of the Modules of the FENCE Curriculum.

  • Offer a taster on the modules to come

    – Introduction to Gender and Equality.

    – Spotting Discrimination in the Workplace

    – Building a Positive Organisational Culture

    – Take a Stand on Equality!

    – Gender Stereotypes and Bias

    – Take Action – Make a Change!