Module 7: Take Action – Make a change!

Last updated: December 8, 2021

About this module

In this module, the following areas will be discussed

    • Reflection on Gender Equality

    • Embracing Gender Equality

    • Impact of Gender Equality

Aims of the module

  • Launch motivational ideas to employees and their managers against discrimination in the workplace.

  • Promotion of gender equality and human diversity through everyday actions.

  • Feature the advantages and benefits of gender equality.

  • Raise awareness of the legal context of employees’ rights in the workplace.

  • Get to know organisations that support gender equality through their continuous actions and achievements.

  • Provide inspiration to fight gender discrimination and inequality.

Methodological tools

  • Active learning for working on information provided

  • E-learning courses

  • Αudiovisual media/ social networks

  • Action Planning

  • Storytelling