Module 1 : Overview Module

Last updated: December 1, 2021

This Erasmus+ KA2 funded project Fighting gENder bias and Contributing (FENCE) aims to develop innovative materials and resources to help to fight gender bias through equality awareness and gender competence

The FENCE Curriculum has been carefully crafted and designed based on the findings of the Review Paper published as part of the FENCE project. Research has been carried out in 6 countries in Europe. It includes background research, a collection of good practices, 47 participants in focus groups with potential beneficiaries (administrative staff, HR department staff, NGO representatives, public bodies…), 41 participants in focus groups for FENCE’s stakeholders (independent trainers and coaches, researchers and professors…), interviews and an online survey for end users completed by 179 respondents.

The need for certain topics was highlighted; for example:

  • Inclusion of diversity in gender issues

  • Unconscious gender bias

  • Analysis of everyday situations

  • Exercises and examples

Image source: pixabay

Our research has shown that:

  • The workplace still suffers a gender bias. In the healthcare and the education sector we tend to see many women in teaching and support roles, and a disproportionate number of men in senior roles as deputy heads and headteachers. Similarly in healthcare, there tends to be a larger number of men in senior roles.

  • There are many forms of gender discrimination and bias, for example, gender pay gap, prejudices and stereotyping, gender violence, reconciliation of work and private life, gender roles, or gender discrimination in vulnerable groups.

  • Focus group participants in the majority of countries highlighted the lack of specialisation or total absence of training on gender equality.

  • These findings show the great need for gender equality training and the subsequent development of the FENCE Curriculum.

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